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Check out my Gallery whenever you have the chance and hopefully you won't be disappointed.


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My personal eye candies. I can't tell you'd like them but I'd give it a look. Great Artist all of them.




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I appreciate people's generosity! Thank you for your donations really brings joy to me no matter the amount. Knuckles' on the Edge by LucarioShirona PLEASE! Donate points, Animation by imonedesign

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The name's Wes. I am a college graduate with a mission on making Knuckles a more popular character. I've been a fan of Sonic games ever since I can remember but I don't really recall caring for him or any of the other cast as much as I did for Knuckles. I am an okay artist so I decided to give it a shot and try to display artwork of him in my own style. I see a lot of myself in this character and almost consider him a role model of sorts. So get ready for my post to be 99.5% Be about Knuckles. I appreciate any sort of criticism so please have at it. On a side note I approve of old Knuckles as in from Sonic and Knuckles, SADX, SA2B, Sonic Heroes, and Sonic Riders/Sonic Battle Knuckles. Sadly Sonic Boom is not my Knuckles :/

:bulletred: Why Knuckles?

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Growing up I really didn't have much to look up to so I took Knuckles and tried to implement it as almost a way of viewing life and how to handle it. [ No I'm not trying to be him but I like his ideals ] I love the Sonic franchise and all the characters in it, but Knuckles is just underrated and honestly an amazing character. He has something that most characters lack nowadays. Purpose. The Master Emerald is all he really cared about until he had friends, but with friendship comes trust, and his gullibility with trusting random people showed he was easy to fool. I use that example in life, and learned never to trust people cause they might take what I'm trying to protect. Decision to Protect is my motto. I protect anyone who is precious to me not by force, but by choice. - DTP Knux Battle Icon by Hitono-kun

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Emerald Shard Bullet by Decision-To-Protect Me to reply to most things including comments and messages.
Emerald Shard Bullet by Decision-To-Protect Untimely uploads and late responses.
Emerald Shard Bullet by Decision-To-Protect If you ask a question a certain way expect it to be answered in that way. (as in if your rude I will be rude back)

Green-bullet by PurgatoryIsGold Don't expect.. Green-bullet by PurgatoryIsGold

Emerald Shard Bullet by Decision-To-ProtectAny sort of request to be done. Personally close friends only I'm sorry. Too busy enough to make myself artwork I can barely manage to make other people stuff for free.
Emerald Shard Bullet by Decision-To-Protect Squeaky Clean Knux Fanartist by Powerwing-Amber I respect peoples ideals and all but I don't do this.
Emerald Shard Bullet by Decision-To-Protect Draw Sonic Boom Related stuff. Possibly in my style but never anything to represent the visuals of that Sonic Universe... It just pains me.

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I believe myself to be a nice guy and don't take the information above as rules is more along the lines of what I do and what you can expect from me.. that's why I said "Expect this" and so on. I love my current DA peeps. The support you guys give me with your feedback and favorites help me keep on moving and it lets me know that I'm doing something right.

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Not to long ago I took a "Which Sonic Character are you?" Quiz and I wasn't disappointed.
So I figured it worked once right? Let's try it again then to test out if it was just plain luck of me getting it cause to everyone else no one seemed to get the people they expected so I went for ROUND 2

KnucklesScreenShot by Decision-To-Protect

Knuckles Advance 2 End Fall V2 by NatakiroAtomic Cock (Nailed it)

Now typically I enjoy when they try to relate who you are as a person instead of attempting to answer as the actual character would. Like for instance, one of the question was What's your favorite food?
1.) Chili Dogs

My point being that it was just like "Uh.. well I guess I'll pick grapes cause Knuckles likes em and I sure don't want to be Sonic.."
End results end up describing the character incredibly indepth and relates to your personality but how can you determine that off of me liking grapes over a chili dog, you know?
Anyways I'll post the link in case you guys wanna try again.

Let's see who you get~ Team Sonic: Continue? by LeatherRuffian…

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